Future Princess Weakness: Guide (2024)

Future Princess Weak: Guardian Tales is a fantastic single-player experience that Zelda fans will like by fusing the JRPG plot and characters with dungeon-crawler gameplay and mobile gaming components. The game distinguishes out as a free mobile game that gamers will love, despite some clumsy mobile requirements.

Who is the Future Princess in the Guardian Tales?

She was the little princess of Canterbury. She will appear on Heavenhold 10 years from now. Now an adult, the child princess who once fled across the Heavenhold is. This abrupt parting was incomprehensible to the tiny princess.

She never learned that you have to put up with things you don’t comprehend. So the princess did nothing except wait. Every time he returned, her knight was the first to meet her. Her knight couldn’t possibly have forgotten the responsibilities they agreed to carry out.

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The naughty children in Heavenhold taunted the princess, saying things such as, “Your knight fled away,” or “Your sister and the Knight rushed away because they detest you.” She repelled those children with such zeal before returning to the inn to cry.

Even Loraine became depressed by the sound of her anguish. The champions started to hear rumours. Some said you passed away. Some others said you had fled. Some said that you were still doing your Guardian duties. Nobody had her princess’s trust.

Only the princess had faith that the wandering Guardian would turn around. The princess was unable to cope with the agony when her deepest, longest-held belief was destroyed.

future princess weak

What is the Weakness of Future Princesses in Guardians tales?

When they produced Future Princess Guardian Tales’ first quick status effect hero, Kakao Group truly took this to the next level. Amazingly, Future Princess uses her chain ability to grant your squad a three-attack immunity.

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Additionally, a 10% team heal is included with this talent. The sole restriction on the chain skill is how well a weapon skill may chain into it; it doesn’t have a cooldown. Future Princesses’ special weapon naturally develops a 13.5-second weapon skill that may be reduced to about seven seconds.

As a result, Future Princess is the game’s most notable troop. You may create a full-fledged monster by combining these talents with the game’s greatest HP, a top-12 attack, and a top-20 defence.

How do you win the princess of the future in the Guardian Tales?

This Guardian may be called with the Hero Summon. In other words, x300 mileage tickets and both the hero gacha and the mileage shop are where you may buy Future Princess.

Additionally, there’s no need to worry if you’re wondering how to get Liberator in Guardian Tales. It’s fairly simple. Only available to Future Princesses, the Liberator may be purchased for x300 mileage tickets from the mileage store and equipment gacha.

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