Dragalge Pokemon Go Battle League performance

Dragalge pokemon go

Dragalge is a dual Dragon/Poison type Pokemon that evolves from Skrelp. It has a max CP of 2694 with a varied moveset that also includes strong water-type attacks. Although not exactly a meta, the Mock Kelp Pokemon does prove useful in certain PvP situations. Dragalge’s Pokemon Go Battle League worth lies in its unique typing … Read more

5 Best Pokemon for Go Great League

Water Type Metas Pokemon

The best Pokemon for Great League are those that possess a high energy-generated-per-second stat along with valuable typing coverage. Due to the 1500 CP cap in Pokemon Go, it also becomes essential that the pocket monster could level-up as much as possible before they hit the limit. The Pokemon Go World Championships emphasized the dominance … Read more

Mega Gyarados Raid Pokemon Go: Stats, Counters and Weaknesses

Shadow Gyarados

The third evolution of Magikarp is available in the Gyms and it does more than just splash around. Mega Gyarados Raid in Pokemon Go will span from August 4 to August 16 probably in celebration of the Go Fest 2023 in Osaka due to its similarities with the mythical Japanese dragon, Ryu. Mega Gyarados is … Read more

5 Best Water-Type Metas for Pokemon Go Great League

Water Type Metas Pokemon

Water Pokemon are some of the most commonly used types in the Pokemon Go Great League. They give 2X damage against Fire, Ground, and Rock Pokemon, with weaknesses to only Electric- and Grass-type attacks. Additionally, most of them have a decent bulk and benefit from quick Charged Move rotations due to STAB. Note that a … Read more