Final Fantasy XIV Sound Not Working: How To Fix?

Recently the Final Fantasy XIV player reported there is an issue in-game audio issue. In this, the players claim the in-game audio is randomly losing while playing on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Without the sound effect, the game becomes like a human with a soul.

Here we have covered all the information that help you to know how you can fix the Final Fantasy XIV in-game audio using some troubleshooting methods that worked fine for multiple players.

Final Fantasy XIV Sound 1

This In-Game Audio Error mainly occurring the Final Fantasy XIV game only. When you switch back t the desktop the Audio start working fine again as usual but when you switch back to the Final Fantasy XIV app the sound stop working.

The players try out all the below-given methods to fix the audio issue in FFXIV but there is no luck. The issue is still present in the game.

  • Reinstalling the FFXIV.
  • Updating PC Audio Drivers.
  • Optimizing the Audio Settings in FFXIV.
  • Making changes in the game.
  • Updating the Windows.
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Fountently, then we also try some troubleshooting methods also to fix this audio error and it worked for us it was an easy fix. In order to fix the FF XIV in-game audio error we try to switch the Display Screen Mode. In this method, we switch to the  Borderless Windowed or Windowed Screen Mode and simply restart the game and the audio is resolved itself.

This is, to sum up, this short guide for more similar content do read our User Guides for more helpful information.

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