How To Evolve Ponyta in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Here in this short guide, we are going to explain how you can evolve the Ponyta into Rapidash in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with complete information.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is one of the wonderful games and it is more than 242 pokemon and Ponyta is one of the original 151 Pokemon in the game.

Most of the players want to evolve their Ponyta into the Rapidash to level up the skills and abilities of the Ponyta. Well, you can easily evolve the Ponyta if you know the proper steps you need to take in order to evolve Ponyta.

How To Evolve the Ponyta in Pokemon Legends: Arecus?

Ponyta in Pokemon Legends: Arecus is a very small horse like cute Pokemon that is yellow in color and has lovely black eyes. It also has a stunning fiery mane and a tail.

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The Ponyta pokemon is one of the fiery pokemon in the game, which is not very frequent in the game. Mostly the player can catch the Ponyta Pokemon in the Horseshoe plains in the Obsidian Fields.

How To Evolve Ponyta
what level does ponyta evolve

In order to evolve the Ponyta To Rapidash, you need to level the Ponyta to Level 40 level you need to spend more time with Ponyta and once you hit Level 40.

You can go to the Party Panel and simply choose the Poke Ball blinking next to the Ponyta circular icon. This blinking of the Poke’s Ball shows that this pokemon is ready to evolve. Simply choose the Evolve option and then Ponyta will turn into the Rapished.

Note: To Evolve Ponyta it must reach Level 40.

Here is the complete process in step by step guide.

1. Go to the Party Panel and choose the Ponyta.

What Level Does Ponyta Evolve
What Level Does Ponyta Evolve

2. Tap on the Pokeball shown next to the Ponyta (The Pokemon Ball is Blinking)

Evolve Ponyta To Rapidash

3. Choose the option Evolve and Ponyta turn into Rapidash.

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Simply by following these steps you can easily able to evolve the Ponyta into Rapidash. In case for a better understanding of the process watch this video.

Where You Can Find Ponyta?

The Ponyta may not appear like an extraordinary Pokémon, it holds a thin status in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that makes it special in fire-type pokemon.

While the games aren’t difficult to beat without a Fire-type, they surely make occasions like the journey to Snowpoint City and Ice-type Gym. Here’s where to track down a Ponyta to add a little capability to your group.

The earliest spot to find a Ponyta is Route 211, east of Eterna City. However moderately uncommon, they really do show up in the grass close to the delicate base slants of Mt. Coronet.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful in order to know how you can evolve Ponyta into Rapidash without having a hassle.

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