Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 (September 2022)

Dust 2 is considered the most popular map for cs: go. It has so many features which make it the best map for cs: go. Dust 2 map has been around for an extended period of 20 years. Dust 2 was initially released in 2001 for cs: go.

Being old, this map is the best map most played by the gamers in cs: go. It provides a better grenade lineup; it gives a better location to throw the grenade around the map. CS: GO stands for counter-strike: global offence is the fourth generation of the counter strike game series.

The hidden path development and valve developed this multi-player game. You need to choose between the two team’s terrorist teams or the counter-terrorism team. Teams have to achieve their mission; the mission is to either guard the hostages or rescue them.

There are a lot of utilities in the game that the players use to gain an advantage over another player the survival in the game. Here are some best grenade spots in dust 2.

Dust 2 Grenade Spots

The Skylight

While walking out of the door is the perfect spot for the grenade drop position. Earlier gamers used to throw a grenade through the skylight while running, which does not work anymore but what can be done is the make the through while running; it will get a straight path to hit everyone present this will hide you from the enemy as you walk out of the door.

v T spawn

This location is the best position for the attacker’s team; it will establish a helpful hide-out location from where you can throw grenades; the only thing is that the player should know how to throw a grenade.

Surroundings of this site can cause minor problems because the walls here are a bit higher; hence from the ground, it will be hard to throw the grenade at such a height that it can cross the walls. To get such elevation, you can throw the grenade in a standing or running position by the lower section, or you can use the car in front of you to throw the grenade to the other side.

New Car

In dust two, this place is one of the most popular places. Players are the loving places. They use this as their safe place, so this is more of a reason to blast here to eliminate all the players hiding behind the car.

To throw such a perfect, you need proper elevation and all, so stand on the barrel in front of you and throw the grenade; this will fire the place around the car and eliminate all those who are hiding behind the car.

Molly Grenade at B Main

The player who belongs to this side of the game and always faces the enemy from the b main, then the position is best for you.

all you have to do is hide at a proper location from where you can throw the bomb without anyone noticing you. The player can use molly grenades to attack; it will stop them from coming in your way.

For more significant destruction, use the grenade after the molly; it will create very destruction; all the left players will run back to the safe zone, and no one will bother you from this position anymore.

Site A

Site a is one of the most prominent positions for such players who use the AWP. Hence it becomes the most obvious to make this area free from enemies. The exact location can be found in the corner of site a.

At other places, the player has to throw the grenade from the spots like a building or the gad between the doors, but this is simple at this spot. You have to target the enemy and throw a molly at it.

As a result, all the enemies of that location will get eliminated, and it will protect the area from the other enemies from camping there until the place is on fire.

At B Site

Somehow any player who wants to go to site b near the hanging arch will be welcomed by so many other players with bullets from the CT Spawn and B direction.

If you wish to reduce the chances of getting dead by the player from CT Spawn, you first have to jump on the pallet and then on the box.

After all, this joins or binds all the grenades with one another and throws them anywhere you decide it clear out all the enemies for you and force the survivors to come out from the shadows to the open.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the best grenade spots dust 2 with complete information.

How do you win Dust 2 every time?

These are the steps you need to follow in order to win the Dust 2.

1. On the T side, look for your default.
2. After executing your default, take a short on the T side.
3. Lurking isn’t a big deal.
4. Instead, use AWPers.
5. What is the most difficult position on the CT side?
6. Make sure you’re familiar with the map’s dynamics.

Is Dust 2 a real place?

Dust II is a map in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game series. According to Jess Cliffe, co-designer of the original Counter-Strike game, the map is set in a dusty setting based in Morocco.

What makes Dust 2 a good map?

Playing on Dust 2 has the advantage of having no strong side. No matter whose side you’re on, the map is equally organized on all sides to ensure a fair and balanced match.

How do you play Dust 2 like a pro?

For everyone looking for a basic xbox smoke crouch aim here release crouch and leap throw, this is it. You may see someone from below by boosting behind double crates.

This is the end of this short guide.

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