Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 CS:GO

Throwing the grenades in the CSGO? is one of the best important points of discussion among the players of CSGO. Here are some of mentioned some of the best spots to throw flash and smoke grenades at the opponent team in the Dust 2 map in CSGO. There are a lot of utilities in the game that the players use to gain an advantage over another player the survival in the game. Here are some best grenade spots in dust 2.

best locations for grenade in dust 2

Best Spots in DUST 2 CSGO To Throw Flash & Smoke Grenade

Throwing the flash and smoke bombs at the right spot in the shooting game can take you one step ahead of the opponent team. We have personally tested these grenade-throwing spots in the Dust 2 and we get outstanding results.

Here we are sharing the best spots to throw the grenades along with other useful information that can be beneficial for you. More importantly, players don’t need to throw the grenade in close range with an opponent.

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Players need to throw the grenade from a safe distance to avoid damage. For example, if you are at location A and the opponent team is at location B then you need to keep a safe distance from the opponent and pull and throw the generator from location A to location B.

Dust 2 Call Out Location Map

This map is shared by the Steam user Froosh and the map shows all the call-out points in the Dust 2 map in CSGO.

dust 2 call out locations
best grenade spots dust 2

New Car in the Long A

car area in dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

The new car becomes of the popular spots in the Dust 2 map in CSGO for many players. You can easily target the car area in the Long A location. Because most players use this location for camping. You can use the smoke and flash grenade to take over this location.

You need to cross the Long door area and use the barrel available on the right side to get some height to throw the grenade. This will help you to deliver the grenades perfectly and take down the camping opponents easily.

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From T Spawn to Mid Doors

mid doors in dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

To take down the opponents in the T-Spawn you need to be in the perfect location from where can Suicide area is clearly visible that leads to the Mid doors.

Simply look at it a little higher and throw the grenades. If you perfectly deliver the grenades then they will drop at the outside of the doors way else bounce throughout the doors.

More importantly, the CT-Spawn is at the right of Mid-door. So any opponents were champing there it will create a panic for them. This is the best way to distract the CT-Spawn opponents.

T-Spawn at Long Doors

long doors in dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

As you see the T-Spawn is just the right side of the Long Doors. So in order to deliver the grenades there firstly you need to take a perfect hiding spot.

You see the available screenshot that shows some of the perfect spots to deliver the grenades in the Long Doors. We recommend you use this location to throw grenades before crossing the long door. To avoid the campers.

Site A at Goose

Site A at Goose Dust 2

The Goose area is located at the right top corner of the Dust 2 map. Most of the players use this location for camping from the A Short and have the advantage of A long visibility. When you cross the A Short we recommend you use the Molotov at that spot to take advantage of the camping players.

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B Site (Upper B Tunnels)

B Base in Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

The Upper B Tunnels are also one of the most spots for camping players. You can use the wall to throw the grenade. You need to deliver the grenade without getting exposed, from this you can confuse the opponents hiding the B Base location.

This is the end of this short guide for more helpful content do read our CSGO Guides for more helpful information.

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