Create your Kingdom on Mount & Blade II BannerLord: Guide

Building your Kingdom in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord is one of the ultimate goals of the game, and it’s a long and arduous process where you have to choose which side you want to be on.

This guide explains how to create a kingdom in Bannerlord Mount & Blade 2, as you must complete several essential story missions before creating a kingdom is one of the possible and dangerous options.

How can I find the Proper Lords?

None of the last options will lead you to create your own Kingdom. Whichever side you choose, you must decide whether to do so by joining one side’s existing faction or by creating your own Kingdom and helping them.

You can recruit lords for your faction, bringing more armies under your banner. You can rally your comrades and create groups on the clan screen (L key).

In the regular single-player version, there are questlines dedicated to collecting dragon flag parts, which end up in the hands of players who build their kingdoms.

You need to find three dragon flags, the dragon flags, and when you find them, you need to give the flags to Istina or Arzagos.

You’ll need to find 10 in total, and each faction has about 2-3 lords you can talk to, so if you
can’t find all of them in one area, you can always move to another location.

As stated in the specific quest entry in the quest log, you need to talk to 10 nobles. After talking to ten nobles, you will get more quest steps to complete.

create your kingdom on Bannerlord

How to Create your Kingdom?

Creating your own Kingdom in Bannerlord is tied to the game’s main questline. If you are willing to create your own Kingdom, you must complete the main quest. Your Kingdom will officially be established once the final part of the quest is completed.

You have to choose to get the next objective, which will help you create a kingdom. It would be best to start talking to your governor to create a kingdom.

So, To create your Kingdom in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, you must first complete the main story missions until you get and complete the Neretzess Folly mission. However, creation is a process of sorts, and you will have to go through several stages before you can claim your Kingdom.

Once a kingdom is established, players can create an army by combining multiple clans into a single entity, led by multiple heroes (companions). Players can choose to join one of many different kingdoms or create their own within the game.

Later, you can decide to join another kingdom or find your own if your clan has already reached rank 3. After doing all this, your faction will be created with your clan as the ruling clan. This next mission will require players to recruit 100 soldiers, win a settlement, and have a third-level clan. To do this, complete the first mission in the game and ask to increase the level of the clan.

How to manage your Kingdom?

You can change the name of the Kingdom, start voting to influence the politics of the Kingdom or declare war on other factions. The reward for your efforts is the ability to lead a faction – as a faction leader, you can start voting on your Kingdom’s policies, declare war on other factions, or accept clans to join your Kingdom.

When you own your own Kingdom, you can engage in diplomacy or war with others, increase your influence, etc. It’s almost like Mount & Blade 2 Banner lord’s new game. Formation opens up a large part of Overlord, where you can engage in diplomacy with other factions, increasing your influence in enforcing policies; there’s a lot involved here.

Members of existing kingdoms won’t like you for this, but it’s probably the easiest way to get a castle or city in Bannerlord. You can convince other clans to join your faction, but it requires effort and money.

How do you survive & fight the war?

If you hire clan leaders, make sure they don’t leave your Kingdom. Once people are persuaded, they will join your faction as a clan, which means you will have another clan to help you build 100 armies. If you go to war with a kingdom and successfully recruit one of the clans, that clan will take over all of its settlements.

Be patient, and you will see that the establishment of a slow and steady Kingdom will prolong its life for many generations. Don’t rush to besiege; take your time and wait for the right moment. You can join a kingdom as a vassal and leave it after getting a settlement.

But be careful; for a kingdom to arise under your rule, you will need to own some settlements.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the create a kingdom on Mount and Blade 2 with complete information.

How do you make a kingdom in Bannerlord?

In order to make your kingdom in Bannerlord, you need some specific items. Such as Clan level 4 is attained, They have their own fief and Make sure you have at least one companion.

How do I start my own empire Bannerlord?

In order to start your own empire in Bannerlord, you need to take to the Nobles.

1. The primary plot mission “Neretzes’ Folly” is the first and most essential assignment you must complete.
2. You must find and speak with at least 10 nobles to complete this task.
3. Put together the Dragon Banner…
4. Create Your Very Own Kingdom.

How do you make a country in Bannerlord?

In order to make your own Country in Bannerlord, you need the following things are required.

1. Clan Level 3 is attained.
2. Become a Clan that is self-contained.
3. Your army should consist of at least 100 warriors.
4. Possess a settlement.

How do I manage my kingdom in Bannerlord?

After founding your own kingdom or joining a pre-existing group in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, you will obtain access to the Kingdom Management panel. You can manage clan connections, check armies and fiefs, and suggest changes to Kingdom Policies in kingdom management.

This is the end of this short guide.

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