Pokemon Go Noxious Swamp Event Research Rewards

The Go Fest 2023 in New York City is in full flow and so is the Pokemon Go Noxious Swamp Event all around the world. Lasting from August 18 to August 21, the event will spotlight Poison-type and Dragon-type Pokemon. Trainers can also complete various Field Research tasks along with a free Timed Research.

Noxious Swamp will bring changes to the 1-Star and 3-Star Raids. Rare Poison-type and Dragon-type Pokemon will appear in the wild along with their shiny variants. Trainers will be aiming to capture the newly-introduced Shiny Skrelp, apart from the ultra-rare Shiny Noibat, and Shiny Dratini.

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Fortunately, the aforementioned shinies can be obtained in special encounters for research rewards. Here is a full breakdown of the Pokemon Go Noxious Swamp Event Research missions and subsequent rewards.

Field Research Tasks for Pokemon Go Noxious Swamp Event

Pokemon Go Noxious Swamp Event Field Research missions are limited to battling Team Go Grunts and catching either Poison-type Pokemon or Dragon-type Pokemon. Below are the tasks and the subsequent rewards. Note that the availability of a Shiny is denoted by a (*).

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Catch 3 Poison‑type Pokemon

  • Grimer* – CP range: 548 CP to 589 CP
  • Skrelp* – CP range: 421 CP to 455 CP
  • Mareanie – CP range: 383 CP to 416 CP

Catch 3 Dragon‑type Pokemon

  • Dratini – CP range: 397 CP to 430 CP
  • Trapinch – CP range: 507 CP to 546 CP
  • Noibat – CP range: 258 CP to 285 CP

Battle 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts

  • Potion x 5
  • Super Potion x 3
  • Revive x 2

Battle 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts

  • Mysterious Component x 2

A free timed research will be available till Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time. The rewards include Jangmo-o and Mega Energy for Salamence and Sceptile.

Noxious Swamp Event-exclusive Timed Research

Below is the list of missions and rewards for the Noxious Swamp Event-exclusive Timed Research. Note that no Shiny Pokemon can be obtained as a mission completion reward.

  • Power up Pokemon 15 times – Skrelp encounter
  • Battle in 3 raids – Alolan Grimer encounter
  • Use 15 Super-Effective Charged Attacks – Trapinch encounter
  • Win 2 raids using a team of all unique Pokémon species – Druddigon encounter
  • Win a 3-star raid using only Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less – Hisuian Qwilfish encounter
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Completion rewards: Jangmo-o encounter, Salamence Mega Energy x 50, and Sceptile Mega Energy x 50.

Skrelp’s evolution, Dragalge, won’t be a part of the ongoing Fantasy Cup featuring single-type Dragon, Fire, and Steel Pokemon. However, it does have some utility in the classic Ultra League. More on that here in our Dragalge performance analysis.

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