What is Samsung Sam? Everything about it (Explained)

If you’re unaware of Samsung Sam or the Samsung girl, you’ve come to the right place. We have everything to get you covered in today’s post. So, be with us throughout to know more about this Samsung Sam.

Who is Samsung Sam?

Samantha Samsung is called Samsung Sam, a digital avatar created by design studio Lightfarm in partnership with Cheil, a marketing agency owned by Samsung.

A Brazilian design studio created a sketch of a virtual woman in collaboration with a Samsung-owned marketing agency at Cheil.

Throughout the process, the team has been developing natural materials, most notably for the new hair and clothing of Samsung’s virtual Assistant, to make Sam look aesthetically pleasing, Brazilian animation studio Lightfarm said.

A fine arts company called Lightfarm has created an all-new virtual assistant for Samsung named Sam, which will replace the company’s long-standing and quirky-sounding Bixby.

So, Last weekend, netizens were very excited about the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy could get a new assistant after Lightfarm Studios shared photos of a virtual assistant named Sam.

Sam’s arrival, premature or not, further reduces the likelihood that Samsung plans to make Google Assistant the default voice assistant on Samsung phones.

Like Siri and Google, Assistant Most Popular Samsung Mobile has launched its Assistant on behalf of girls. Samsung has introduced a new feature called “Samsung Girl” in its upcoming smartphones.

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Is Samsung Sam Real

Samsung hasn’t released any information about “Sam,” This Assistant is just a render or a concept from Lightfarm Studios.

For now, those hoping that Sam will be Samsung’s new virtual Assistant will have to wait for final confirmation from Samsung and an explanation as to whether Sam is meant to be a complete replacement for Bixby’s voice and virtual Assistant.

Samsung Sam
Samsung Sam

There has been no official announcement about whether his latest creation will replace Samsung’s failed Siri competitor.

His latest creation is speculated to be a welcome follow-up to Samsung’s failed Siri competitor, Bixby. Like Siri, Samsung’s rival Siri is a voice-activated digital assistant designed to accomplish tasks on Samsung devices.

Samsung’s current default assistant is Bixby, which can generally be used to get answers to questions and execute various commands. Samsung notes that unlike Bixby, which is installed on Samsung intelligent products, including Galaxy phones, Sam is a “chatbot” for Samsung’s customer support.

Will Sam replace Bixby

After everyone talked early last week, it looks like Samsung’s virtual assistant, also known as Sam Samsung, will not replace Bixby and will not appear on any Galaxy phone.

Whether or not Samsung adopts Sam’s recent design in the future, it doesn’t look like Samsung’s virtual Assistant Sam will replace Bixby or become the virtual Assistant on a Galaxy smartphone.

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Whatever Samsung has in store for Sam, no one is likely in a hurry to get rid of Bixby from Galaxy phones. For the record, Samsung has not announced Sam as their official character or hinted that they would replace Bixby.

Samsung has not yet made any official announcements about the new intelligent Assistant. It is not yet clear when SAMSUNG plans to release an assistant for the Galaxy smartphone range users.

Why is Sam trending

Based on the new promotional images, Samsung is trying to generate interest by customizing Samsung’s new virtual Assistant with 3D art, which could help attract younger smartphone users.

In other words, Samsung’s virtual Assistant Sam is not new, and the images of the virtual Assistant are just a concept of a 3D version of Sam’s existing chatbot.

The Samsung Sam was nothing more than a concept design created by Lightfarm in collaboration with Cheil, a marketing company owned by Samsung.

Still, as soon as the Internet found out about the Samsung Sam, it became known as the new virtual Assistant after Lightfarm opened. Sam quickly became a viral meme in about a week, and many artists made fan art.

Avatar concepts from fine art studios were all the rage on social media, where people quickly fell in love with Samsung Girl. The viral success of the virtual woman illustrates people’s desire to have more virtual people, even fully branded ones.

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Given Samsung’s experimental history of creating virtual people, with some campaigns impressive and others nearly nonexistent, it’s worth considering if Samsung will take a step further and elevate Sam’s character beyond its current state in the form of an untested render with a potential virus.

What about the existing Virtual Assistant in Samsung devices?

How Sam might fit into Samsung’s existing AI ecosystem is also unknown. Perhaps Samsung is partnering with different companies to develop different chatbot designs for specific markets, and the virtual Assistant depicts one of those design types.

On the other hand, Bixby has been present on Samsung devices since the launch of Bixby on the Galaxy S8. Key Bixby features, including Vision, Home, and Reminder, will be available after the smartphone’s global launch, Samsung Electronics said.

Bixby 2.0 is already used in the company’s line of connected products, including smartphones, TVs, and refrigerators.

It replaced Bixby and was popular on social media, but it’s unclear whether Samsung’s device will include full voice and virtual assistance.

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