Twitch Streamers Payout List (Leaked Online)

Twitch is one of the best platforms to meet some of the best streaming on the web. Here you can watch a live stream of Twitch content creators such as stpeach and more. However, everyone wonders including me how much money Twitch creators make per year.

Recently, an online leak revealed the payout of every twitch streamer and how much money they are making per year. Basically, this leak shows the payout of more than 100 twitch users from the time period 2019 to 2021.

This leak payout of Twitch can inspire you to switch your job and become a full-time Twitch streamer and maybe you will in this list next time how knows?

Twitch Streamers Payout Leak List

Twitch Leak Payout

This Twitch Leak Payout image is shared by the Twitter account user named KnowSomething all the twitch leak payout image’s credit goes to KnowSmmething.

Twitch Payout Leak
Twitch Leak Payout
all twitch user payout leak
Twitch Leak Payout
payout list of twitch streamers
Twitch Leak Payout
Twitch Creators Payout Leak
Twitch Leak Payout

This leak payout list shows the total amount of money each Twitch streamer earns from YouTube revenue, donations, merchandise, sponsorships, and other sources. Below these are the top five highest paying streamers on Twitch with their payout amount.

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Critical Role = $9,626,712.16

xQcOW = $8,454,427.17

Summit1g = $5,847,541.17

Tfue = $5,295,582.44

NICKMERCS = $5,096,642.12

Now the viewers may wish to know about the payment to the revenue of popular Twitch streamers. So there is a list which is showing the revenue of the streamers who are most popular in this profession is given. This list is according to the payout of twitch which was leaked.

  • Ninja = $1378,791.48
  • ludwig = $3,290,777.55
  • AdinRoss = $ 1,854,656.42
  • Rubius = $1,764,965.15
  • Pokmimane = $1,528,303.11
  • shroud = $2,040,503.15

As per we know each Twitch Streamer gets 50% of each subscriber which means $2.50 and this leak does not match the total amount shown in it. Maybe this leak comes out because the percentage that each Twitch Streamer is getting is more than 50 percent.

So for what reason this payout was leaked is still unknown but from this many people have gotten their various answers.

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