How To Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold?

How you can investigate an anomaly detected in stealthy stronghold. Here we explained it in this ultimate guide.

This guide will guide you through the process of investigating anomalies in Fortnite to obtain the new Agent Jones skin. One of the new challenges for Fortnite Season 6 asks you to investigate anomalies discovered in the Stealth Fortress.

For players who have difficulty identifying these anomalies and unravelling the mystery of how to investigate them, this Investigating Anomalies near Hidden Fortress challenge guide will help you solve all your problems.

Fortnite Season 6: Overview

Fortnite is back again with a new season of challenges and rewards. The game developers have released a few teaser videos that hint at the new season’s theme. This season’s theme will be based on time travel and anomalies.

We can expect to see new skins, weapons, and gameplay mechanics. Players need to find all the anomalies to complete the challenge for Fortnite Season 6. Players will be able to find these anomalies by following clues in-game or by using the Fortnite Tracker app on their mobile devices.

Every season, a mystery starts to unfold. The Anomaly Investigation LTM reveals this mystery. Before Fortnite Season 6, players could find an Anomaly on the map. After finding an anomaly, it will open and show you a brief overview of what you discovered.

These mysteries are most likely related to the events and lore leading up to Season 6. The goal of this event is for players to explore different areas to find anomalies using their items like telescopes or decoders that last 20 seconds, then need another item for it to stay open longer.

What is an anomaly in Stealth Stronghold?

Fortnite Season 6 introduces a new PvE and PvP game mode called Anomaly. In this game mode, the goal is to search for anomalies and complete missions for rewards.

There are two sides to the game mode: Day and Night. The day sees players solving missions that take from less than 5 minutes to 20 minutes at most.

And the night is an elimination game mode for up to 4 players where any progress made during the day does not carry over. An anomaly is a point of divergence from the standard or normal – something unusual.

Anomalies are discovered in Stealth Stronghold while researching anomalies by collecting data points from different sources and locations. A player can find anomalies by collecting data points from different sources and locations.

The player will earn more points for doing so, and the more varied the collections, the better chance of success. It is also possible to earn achievements for gathering an anomaly:

– Finding an anomaly with one point

– Finding an anomaly with three points

– Finding an anomaly with five points

Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold
Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold

How to access Anamoly Investigation Missions in Fortnite?

To access these Anomaly Investigation Missions, you must first reach the required level in the Fortnite Season 6 Fortnite Battle Pass, which will unlock the mission and the new Jones Field Pack back style.

Various Fortnite Anomaly Investigation locations will be marked as missions this season. To unlock footage of Agent Jones’ reality rescue mission.

The Fortnite Anomaly Investigation Missions tie into Agent Jones’ mission to capture Point Zero and take you from Lazy Lake to Shark Island, Catty Corner, the Hidden Fortress, and finally, the Weeping Forest. You will have the opportunity to discover many Anomalies during Fortnite Season 6, Chapter 2.

After that, you will need to find another Anomaly in the latest Fortnite Challenges. Another anomaly remains, but fans will need to reach level 76 of the Premium Battle Pass to access it and unlock the Jones Field Pack.

Loyal players will quickly reach level 60 of the Battle Pass, which is when they should jump to the Hidden Fortress for the next challenge of the Anomaly.

There is a prerequisite that the player must complete before proceeding with this challenge to get started.

Where to Investigate an Anomaly Detected?

Unlike the Hidden Fortress Challenge, the Lazy Lake Anomaly has small puzzles that you must solve before getting the correct shard. When you get there, you will see a flashing butterfly that will lead you to the first Anomaly, the first Anomaly.

Once in the right spot, a brightly coloured butterfly emerges, just like the Anomaly before this season. When the player reaches these locations and approaches the Anomaly, a mysterious Rift Butterfly appears, guiding the player to the exact location.

Once players find the Anomaly, they will take a short trip through the Stealthy Strongholds before diving straight. As we saw earlier, the Fortnite Stealthy Stronghold anomaly sits right in the middle of this named location and is shaped like a butterfly.

The Anomaly is again in the form of a ghostly butterfly, and when you get close, it will start to fly away. Follow the Glowing Crystal Butterfly deep into the Stealth Keep, and it will lead you to a place where players will have to use their beaks to dig into their players’ soil.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the investigate an anomaly detected in stealthy stronghold with complete information.

Where are the color bottles in Stealthy Stronghold?

Players must first travel to Stealthy Stronghold in the northwest corner of the map to obtain these color bottles to unlock the Bushranger style. To begin, go to the main base, which is located at the southeast side and has a massive satellite dish. The three color bottles are strewn about it in the open.

How do you detect an anomaly at Stealthy Stronghold?

The anomaly can be found immediately east of Stealthy Stronghold’s core. A glowing butterfly will appear after you reach the correct position, exactly like the prior anomalies for this season. All you have to do now is follow the butterfly around the area once you’ve found it.

Where is the butterfly at Stealthy Stronghold?

The Stealthy Stronghold Anomaly is located to the east of the Stronghold’s center. As soon as you arrive, you’ll see a shimmering butterfly, similar to the previous season’s anomalies.

How do you find the Weeping Woods anomaly?

The Guardian Outpost in Weeping Woods is where you’ll find the Weeping Woods anomaly. Many players frequent this popular drop zone, which is located directly southwest of The Spire. On the map below, you can see where it is marked. You’re seeking for a glowing butterfly, just like the rest of the anomalies this season.

This is the end of this short guide.

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