How To Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold?

The new Fortnite Season 6 has a lot of new things for players to explore in the game. Such as the new challenges such as investigating an Anomaly discovered in the Stealthy Stronghold similar to the anomalies that you faced earlier in the game.

If a player can complete this anomaly then you will grant a new brand-new style for Agent Jones as long the player has the Season 6 Battle Pass.

However, the player needs to complete more anomalies in Season 6 after completing this one. This will unlock more anomalies with rewards that help players to leel up their Battle Pass in this season.

Here we guide you to where you need to investigate an anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold with complete information.

What is an anomaly in Stealth Stronghold?

Fortnite Season 6 introduces a new PvE and PvP game mode called Anomaly. In this game mode, the goal is to search for anomalies and complete missions for rewards.

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Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold
Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold

There are two sides to the game mode: Day and Night. The day sees players solving missions that take from less than 5 minutes to 20 minutes at most.

And the night is an elimination game mode for up to 4 players where any progress made during the day does not carry over. An anomaly is a point of divergence from the standard or normal – something unusual.

Anomalies are discovered in Stealth Stronghold while researching anomalies by collecting data points from different sources and locations. A player can find anomalies by collecting data points from different sources and locations.

The player will earn more points for doing so, and the more varied the collections, the better chance of success. It is also possible to earn achievements for gathering an anomaly:

  • – Finding an anomaly with one point
  • – Finding an anomaly with three points
  • – Finding an anomaly with five points

Where to Investigate an Anomaly Detected?

The player needs to reach the correct location and that is east of the center of Stealthy Stronghold. You will know if you’re in the correct location or not by the glowing butterfly. It will appear just like a previous anomaly for Season 6.

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investigate an anomaly detected stealthy stronghold
Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold

Once the player encounters the butterfly you will need to follow it to the area. It will lead to the area where you see a mound of dirt. In that area, you need to use your pickaxe to dig up the shard and complete the task.

investigate an anomaly detected and stealthy stronghold
Investigate An Anomaly Detected in Stealthy Stronghold

Well in this task there is no puzzle or challenges similar to the other previous anomaly in this Season. But make you keep your guard up in the Stealthy Stronghold because here you may encounter other players and wildlife creatures.

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