Minecraft: How to Duplicate Silence Armor Trim

Looking for a guide for how to duplicate silence armor trim in Mincraft? The Silence Armor Trim is one of the rarest artifacts in Minecraft. Because of its scarcity, most Survival Mode explorers will likely only locate one if they are extremely lucky or relentlessly persistent.

The reason for this is that the Silence Armor Trim has a miniscule chance of spawning within the chests of a large subterranean building in Minecraft. Nonetheless, for armor fashionistas, this work is undoubtedly rewarding, especially since Smithing Templates may be reproduced.

Where To Find the Silence Armor Trim in Minecraft

silence armor trim Minecraft
how to duplicate silence armor trim

To obtain the Silence Armor Trim in Minecraft, you must venture into the treacherous depths of an Ancient City, a Deep Dark subterranean building.

The Ancient City, guarded by frightening Wardens, has several treasure boxes, one of which may hold the rare Minecraft Silence Armor Trim. The Smithing Template, on the other hand, has a spawn rate of 1.2%, so you’ll have to be fortunate with RNG.

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There are three primary ways you can find an Ancient City:

  • Search for a mountainous area far from any water source and dig down until Y: -51; strip-mine until you find the structure.
  • Using the seed generator, spawn into a world with a nearby Ancient City for easy access.
  • Visit the Seed Map of Chunk Base and input your world’s seed to conveniently find where every Ancient City has generated.

How To Duplicate Silence Armor Trim in Minecraft

Assume you’ve finally found the ultra-rare Smithing Template of the Ancient City. In such a situation, your first objective should be to copy the Silence Armor Trim in Minecraft so you don’t have to look for it again. The duplication process is simple:

Duplicate Silence Armor Trim
  • Enter the 3×3 grid of a Crafting Table.
  • Place down Cobbled Deepslate in the center of the grid. 
  • Place the Armor Trim in the slot directly above the block.
  • Fill all six remaining slots with Diamonds to duplicate the Silence Armor Trim in Minecraft.
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You’ll also need a lot of Diamonds if you wish to adorn many armor sets with the Silence Armor Trim. Fortunately, the elevation level of Ancient Cities is comparable to that of Diamonds.

That’s how to duplicate silence armor trim in Minecraft as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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